New Products

Since the introduction of accident prevention regulations, we have had a decisive influence on the development and implementation of innovative products and product lines.

The latest products of all product lines can be found here.

HEI-LEIT laryngoscope with LED technology

Due to the LED the cold light laryngoscope HEI-LEIT has a 50% higher light output than it is achievable with traditional halogen lights, has about a 90% decreased battery consumption and a 10-times longer lifecycle than a halogen light.

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First-aid Case QUICK CD JOKER

First Aid on 3 levels. A new convincing system for a safe and compact first aid readiness.

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BambuCare ® dressing

A new ecological dressing made out of fast growing renewable natural resources.
High absorption capacity – thick padding.

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Emergency backpack PROFiL

The PROFIL backpack offers: excellent quality, outstanding wearing comfort, perfect layout, roominess, transparent overview, additional spacious interior and exterior pockets.Overall a successful, compelling new development which meets all the requirements of modern emergency services.

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First-aid case Doctors Practice Plus

Equipment for doctors of all specializations. Includes a filling compliant to the German DIN 13157 and additional medical emergency standard equipment.

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First-aid Case Multisport

First aid materials for sports facilities, stationary and mobile usable. Includes inter alia the complete equipment compliant to the German DIN 13157.

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A product for overall use, such as protection and safety at work and first aid for employees which perform technical tasks outside their companyand rely on their independence.PROFiL MOBILE offers a complete service for safety at external workplaces.

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Emergency Case DIN 13232:2011-05

The DIN standards for emergency cases were revised and updated . The result is the new standard DIN 13232:2011-0

First Aid Early Childhood Care

Special equipment for the first aid in care facilities for children under 3 years of age. The new SÖHNGEN ® Series Early Childhood Care is the consistent further development of the proven and successful SÖHNGEN ® product line First Aid CHILDREN.

The content of the series consists of selected products with special qualities. Therefore special dressings in toddler-friendly sizes are included to insure a very simple and fast wound care. The Early Childhood Care Series is available in three different types of containers. The caregivers in the child care center or at home can select the most suitable model according to their needs and spatial conditions.

SÖHNGEN® double-Desi

Compact unit incl. Sterillium ® hand sanitizer and octenisept ® wound disinfectant with dispenser stored in a convenient holder.

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SÖHNGEN® SafePoint absorb

The hygiene station safepoint absorb contains besides disinfectant and disposable gloves also hygiene granulate for the absorption of bodily excretions.

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Hygiene and Infection Protection station SafePoint PLUS

SafePoint PLUS is the new expanded station for preventive measures for hygiene and infection protection. Prepare and protect first, then act. Safety in a compact and self-explanatory unit.

Hygiene and Infection Protection Station SafePoint

With the new hygiene and infection protection station SafePoint a protection system is available that closes another gap in the security package of businesses, public administrations and institutions.


The resuscitation set ACD CPR Basic Select is a special set for the basic measures of resuscitation by bystanders and professional rescuers according to the new guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC).