AKUT sets are function-based individual sets for diagnosis, intubation, injection, first aid and antidote. They are also part of SÖHNGEN® SEG rapid use boxes for use during large-scale emergencies.

AKUT sets

Akut sets are individual emergency sets which are tailored towards a specific function. Each set is always the same size. The colours are the same for each area. Each set can be used individually or in any combination in suitable containers as a precaution for catastrophe prevention. 

Akut-Set, Diagnostic blue, tailored filling0101500
Akut-Set INJECTION orange, tailored filling0101505
Akut-Set First-Aid green, tailored filling0101510
Akut-Set Antidote yellow, tailored filling0101507
Akut-Set Intubation royal blue, tailored filling0101506