Vario ampoule system storage are angled holders with elastic ampoule storage in six different colours. The system is suitable for all containers and ampoule cases. Quick and safe allocation of medications. Holds all regular ampoule sizes. Varioflex can also be subsequently added to drawers, cabinets or other containers.

VARIOFLEX ampoule holders

Varioflex is a system in which the storage and availability of ampoules of all sizes can be arranged in any conceivable form. 

Ampoule Bracket One Row 6 ampoules0101023
Ampoule Bracket One Row 12 ampoules0101024
Ampoule Bracket One Row 16 ampoules0101027
Ampoule Bracket Two Rows 12 ampoules0101080
Ampoule Bracket Two Rows 24 ampoules0101081
Ampoule Bracket Two Rows 32 ampoules0101083
Ampoule Bracket One Row 48 ampoules0101031
Ampoule Bracket Two Rows 96 ampoules0101082

Ampoule storage

A selection of SÖHNGEN® containers with built in Varioflex ampoule holders. The diversity of different options and combinations are shown in different but purposeful systems. 

Ampoule Holder, red for 78 ampoules0101084
Ampoularium SÖHNGEN® empty0101077
Ampoule Depot, INFUJEKT MT-CD orange0101069
Ampoule Depot, STANDARD0101043
Ampoule Depot, SAN Empty, orange0101068
HEIDELBERG - Varioflex Ampoule Depot0501014