Experience has shown that everything becomes very tight in the event of a large-scale emergency. It is not only organisation which is lacking, there is also a lack of first aid material, which then later has to be organised at considerable effort.
Nobody can prepare for catastrophes, and it is rarely possible to practice what will happen where and when.
Precaution is therefore very sensible, and with its SEG boxes SÖHNGEN® offers suitable, rapidly functioning systems.

SEG boxes

The provision of SEG units is a precautionary measure for the event of a catastrophe. Experience with all major catastrophes in the past has shown that very quickly the basic needs of those affected can no longer be met. There is a lack of bandages, there is a lack of almost everything, and getting supplies is difficult. SEG boxes can be hugely valuable in these situations. 

SEG-Box 1, Dressing Material0101710
Stretcher Stand, FastRack0601300
SEG-Box 2, Resuscitation0101711
SEG-Box 3, Diagnostic0101712
SEG-Box 5, Care Material0101714
SEG Box 6, Pro Patient0101721
SEG Box 6, Pro Patient - Refill0101720
First Aid patiient-centred care DIN 13156-V0101722
Identification Cards for SEG Box8001200
Disaster Bag, plastic (EVA)0603020
Body Bag, Fleece, grey0603028

Infection protection

In first aid, hygiene and infection protection are just as important as the first aid provision itself. First protect, then act - this is the procedure for all involved. 

Resuscitation Sheet BT-DRY0103001

Disposable protective clothing

The protective clothing which has to be stored depends on the estimated risk potential. Practical provision of suitable clothing is possible with out extensive range. 

Protective Set, BASIC1005271
Protection Set, PLUS1005272
Potection Set, ALPHA1005292
Tyvek® Pro-Tech Overall1005276
Cap, blue disposable1005277
Shoe Cover, white disposable1005278
Protection Set, SMALL1005078
Protection Set, LARGE 11005079
Protection Set, LARGE 21005179
Overal, XLl disposable1005076
Overal, XXL disposable1005176
Shoe Cover, blue disposable, 100 pcs.1005083
FFP3 Mask with valve1005282
Mask, 100 pcs. disposable1005077
Protective Goggles1005287

Disposable bed linen

Disposable bed linen is preferable to conventional bed linen in terms of protection during a catastrophe. It does not require any time-consuming maintenance or expensive cleaning. Easy to stockpile and to dispose of, and cheap to procure. Disposable bed linen offers all of the advantages for the intended use. A sensible alternative. 

Pillow 40 x 40 cm, 500 g1005067
Pillow Cover 40 x 50 cm1005080
Ambulance Blanket Cover 195 x 115cm1005068


Disposable covers are available for all seasons. They all have a good protective and warming effect. Multiple uses are possible with the available covering. All parts are biodegradable. 

Transport Bag with 5 ROSTOCK blankets0602044
Transport Bag for 5 wollen blankets0602045
Blanket, Ambulance Light1005066