Module system sets based on functional group are the basis for developing the contents of complete emergency kits.
DIN 13232 develops from this modular system structure for complete emergency equipment.
With SÖHNGEN®, the sensitive equipment is put together in sophisticated containers developed specifically for this purpose.
With the brand SÖHNGEN®, the models CLINOMED, EUROMED and STANDARD as emergency kits and the emergency rucksacks PROFiL and NumberONE have all become well established.
DIN 13232
DIN 13232 emergency equipment strongly supports the philosophy followed by SÖHNGEN® in the development and design of equipment for first aid material and emergency medicine.
The contents
All of the designs have basic equipment = Part A
Depending on the purpose, the basic equipment A is supplemented by either
Part B = for adults or
Part C = for children.
A combination of Part A with Parts B + C is also permissible.
This results in the following possible combinations of equipment:
Emergency equipment DIN 13232:2011-05 Parts A + B = for adults
Emergency equipment DIN 13232:2011-05 Parts A + C = for children
Emergency equipment DIN 13232:2011-05 Parts A + B + C = for adults and children
The emergency equipment can also be supplemented with an oxygen inhalation device.

CLINOMED emergency kit

The CLINOMED emergency kit is internationally recognised and tried and tested. This applies in particular to regions in which the climate conditions place high demands on containers and equipment. 

CLINOMED Modul A B0101232
CLINOMED Modul A+B+O2/1L0101233
CLINOMED Modul A+C0101234
CLINOMED Modul A+C+O2/1L0101235
CLINOMED Modul A+B+C0101236
CLINOMED Emergency Case Empty0202300
Wall Bracket for CLINOMED0202040

EUROMED emergency kit

The EUROMED emergency kit meets all of the requirements of modern emergency equipment. The existing DIN standards are met. The EUROMED emergency kit has a clear design. SÖHNGEN® aluminium bags are always fully functional even under extreme operating conditions.

EUROMED Modul A+B0101230
EUROMED Modul A+C0101231
EUROMED Emergency Case Empty0202200
Wall Bracket for Model Series EUROMED0202039

STANDARD emergency kit

In any large company, administration or public facility, it is by no means a disadvantage to have sensible emergency equipment available in addition to the normal first aid equipment. 

Emergency Case STANDARD0101074
Emergency Case STANDARD O20101073
STANDARD, empty Print: EMERGENCY0202031

Emergency kit accessories

Each individual part in all SÖHNGEN® emergency kits can also be ordered individually. All of the parts can be exchanged quickly and easily. 

Airway holder0101197

RASTFLEX ordering system

The RASTFLEX ordering system is to be used as a system to divide containers of all kinds. Every conceivable compartment division and compartment size is possible with the RASTFLEX system. 

RASTFLEX frame 370 x 40 mm0101190
Rastflex-System Divider 205 x 80 mm0101198
Rastflex-System Divider 300 x 80 mm0101199
Rastflex-System Divider 360 x 40 mm0101191
RASTFLEX divider 365 x 100 mm0101193
Rastflex-System Divider 385 x 80 mm0101192
RASTFLEX Holders Replacement Set0101220

PROFiL emergency rucksack

The PROFiL emergency rucksack is the perfect companion. You can put any kind of equipment in it. Nothing more. Comfort, space, oversight and material quality are standard for the PROFiL emergency rucksack. 

Profil red Modul A+B0406062
Profil red Modul A+B+O2 1L0406063
Profil red Modul A+B+O2 2L0406064
Profil red Modul A+C0406065
Profil red Modul A+C+O2 1L0406066
Profil red Modul A+C+O2 2L0406067
Profil red Modul A+B+C0406068
Profil red Modul A+B+C+O2 1L0406069
Profil red Filled A+B+C+O2 2L0406070
Profil red Empty Fitting for 1+2L O20406060

NumberOne emergency rucksack

The NumberOne emergency is no miracle, but its diversity of use is astounding. There is sufficient space, you can find what you're looking for and the equipment is individually thought out. 

NumberOne orange Modul A+C+O2/2L0406030
NumberOne orange Modul A+B+C0406031
NumberOne orange Modul A+B+C+O2/1L0406032
NumberOne orange Modul A+B+C+O2/2L0406033
NumberOne orange Empty, fit. for 1l O20406011
NumberOne orange Empty, fit. for 2L O20406012

Emergency rucksack/bag accessories

Module bags can be added in the colours and dimensions available as replacements, reserves or expansions. 

Module Pouches small 16x12x5 cm red0406008
Module Pouches small 16x12x5 cm blue0406009
Module Pouches small 16x12x5 cm yellow0406010
Module Pouches large 32x12x5 cm red0406005
Module Pouches large 32x12x5 cm blue0406006
Module Pouches large 32x12x5 cm yellow0406007

Paediatric emergency kit

Having a paediatric emergency kit is not only recommended for paediatric clinics. Children's homes, paediatric wards and comparable facilities should also have this as a precaution for emergencies. 

Paediatric Emergency Case MT-CD0120001
Paediatric+Childern MT-CD0101008