Cold-light and warm light laryngoscopes made of plastic and metal are available as individual instruments or as complete sets with all of the accessories. The new HEI-LEIT cold-light laryngoscope by SÖHNGEN® is equipped with new LED technology.
SÖHNGEN® DuoVAC is recommended to clear the airways. It is a secretion suction pump operated manually or electrically by foot.

Cold-light laryngoscope - plastic

HEI-LEIT is a new generation of cold-light laryngoscopes with halogen luminaries and glass fibre optics, further optimised using LED technology. LED lights offer an even brighter white, more accurate light. LED lights last for an extremely long time and use only a minimal amount of energy. 

HEI-LEIT Laryngoscope Intubation Set0106002
Laryngoscope Case Model: Ambulance0106001

Cold-light laryngoscope - metal

A technically developed product with better light emission and better light yield. The advantages of cold-light are clear, justifying the somewhat higher price for the handle and the spatula. 

Laryng. metal, Handle , coldlight0106104
Laryng. metal, Blade, McIntosh Size 10106106
Laryng. metal, Blade, McIntosh Size 20106107
Laryng. metal, Blade, McIntosh Size 30106108
Laryng. metal, Blade, McIntosh Size 40106109
Laryng. metal, Blade, McIntosh Size 50106112
Laryng. metal, Blade, Baby Miller Size 00106113

Warm-light laryngoscope - metal

Warm-light laryngoscopes are the cheaper alternative to cold-light laryngoscopes. They offer bright, accurate light. Warm-light laryngoscopes are also ideally suited as emergency equipment. 

Handle, incl.Batteries Laryngoscope, metal0106004
McIntosh Blade, Size 0 Laryngoscope0106005
McIntosh Blade, Size 1 Laryngoscope0106015
Baby Miller Blade, Size 0 Laryngoscope0105065
Baby Miller Blade, Size 1 Laryngoscope0105066
Baby Miller Blade, Size 2 Laryngoscope0105067
Baby Miller Blade, Size 4 Laryngoscope0105068
Replacement bulb, Size 0-1 Laryngoscope0106009
Replacement bulb, Size 2-4 Laryngoscope0106008

Disposable spatula

Disposable laryngoscope spatulas are particularly suitable for emergency use. They fit on cold-light battery handles. Due to the lower costs, a larger number of spatulas can be kept to enable the treatment of several patients. 

McIntosh Blade Gr.2 disposable0106115
McIntosh Blade Gr.3 disposable0106116
McIntosh Blade Gr.4 disposable0106117
Baby-Miller Blade Gr.0 disposable0106118
Baby-Miller Blade Gr.1 disposable0106119

Intubation - accessories

In addition to complete intubation sets, individual parts are also available as replacements or expansions. 

Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 20, Ø5.0mm0105050
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 22, Ø5.5mm0105051
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 24, Ø6.0mm0105052
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 26, Ø6.5mm0105053
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 28, Ø7.0mm0105054
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 30, Ø7.5mm0105055
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 32, Ø8.0mm0105056
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 34, Ø8.5mm0105057
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 36, Ø9.0mm0105058
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 38, Ø9.5mm0105059
Endotracheal Tube, Adult CH 40, Ø10.0mm0105060
Endotracheal Tube, Child CH10, Ø2.5mm0105070
Endotracheal Tube, Child CH 12, Ø3.0mm0105071
Endotracheal Tube, Child CH 14, Ø3.5mm0105072
Endotracheal Tube, Child CH 16, Ø4.0mm0105073
Endotracheal Tube, Child CH 18, Ø4.5mm0105074
Endotracheal Tube, Child CH 20, Ø.0mm0105075
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 20 Ø4.5 mm0105105
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 22 Ø5.0 mm0105106
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 24 Ø5,5 mm0105107
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 26 Ø6,0 mm0105108
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 28 Ø6,5 mm0105109
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 30 Ø7,0 mm0105110
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 32 Ø7,5 mm0105111
Nasopharyngeal Tube CH 34 Ø8,0 mm0105112
Larynx tube Size 30105022
Larynx tube Size 40105023
Larynx tube Size 50105024
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 5,0mm0105090
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 5,5mm0105091
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 6,0mm0105092
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 6,5mm0105093
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 7,0mm0105094
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 7,5mm0105095
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 8,0mm0105096
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 8,5mm0105097
Endotracheal tube+guiding dev./cuff 9,0mm0105098
Intubation Stylet Flexislip size 12 3,94 mm0105119
Intubation Stylet Flexislip size 14 4,60 mm0105120
Thomas Endotracheal Tube Holder - Adult0106502
Thomas Endotracheal Tube Holder - Child0106504


SÖHNGEN® suction pumps are particularly suitable for mobile use in emergency equipment such as emergency kits, emergency backpacks or ambulances. They do not require an energy source and are immediately ready for use at any location. 

Hand Suction Pump, SEKRET0104006
Suction Pump, BABY0104007
Suction Pump, ACCU VACU incl. re-charger0104015
Suction Catheter, Adult CH 08, blue0105141
Suction Catheter, Adult CH 10, black0105142
Suction Catheter, Adult CH 12, white0105143
Suction Catheter, Adult CH 14, green0105144
Suction Catheter, Adult CH 16, orange0105145
Suction Catheter, Adult CH 18, red0105146
Suction Catheter, Adult CH 20, yellow0105147
Suction Catheter, Children Ø,0 mm, green0105210
Cone Connector0104011
Control Valve, FINGERTIP0105149
Catheter Mount Tube Latex free, 170mm0102065