Oxygen bottles, pressure regulators, resuscitation bags and accessories are the basic elements of various different reanimation sets. Ventilation modules, reanimation kits and reanimation bags are available.

Resuscitation sets

Resuscitation sets are units which are put together to carry out successful reanimation. The basic equipment is made up of a resuscitation bag and in addition an oxygen device with a pressure regulator which can be controlled. 

Oxygen PLUS, 2 Litre Resuscitation Unit0102012
Oxygen PLUS, 5 Litre Resuscitation Unit0102011
Wall Bracket for Oxygen PLUS0102018
Wall Bracket for 5 Lit.-Module0102013
Resuscitation Case, MT-CD0102021
Resuscitation Bag, REAMED filled0102009
Resuscitaion Bag, REAMED Empty0102010
ACD Thorax Pump0102055