SÖHNGEN® resuscitation bags are complete units which enable all of the options of emergency ventilation.
The SÖHNGEN® resuscitation blanket BT-DRY, Air-Vita® and DuoVent represent various systems of appliances to help with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, including for first aid providers.

Guedel tubes

Guedel mouth tubes are used to keep airways clear and prevent the tongue from interfering with ventilation. 

Orpharyngeal airway, Size 000 disposable0105221
Orpharyngeal airway, Size 00 disposable0105222
Orpharyngeal airway, Size 0 disposable0105223
Orpharyngeal airway, Size 1 disposable0105224
Orpharyngeal airway, Size 2 disposable0105225
Orpharyngeal airway, Size 3 disposable0105226
Orpharyngeal airway, Size 4 disposable0105227
Orpharyngeal airway, Size 5 disposable0105228
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 000 Resusable0105029
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 00 Resusable0105030
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 0 Resusable0105031
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 1 Resusable0105032
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 2 Resusable0105033
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 3 Resusable0105034
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 4 Resusable0105035
Oropharyngeal Airway, Size 5 Resusable0105036
Airway holder0101197
Mouth Wedge0105251

Oxygen bottles/device

When oxygen bottles are refilled by the filling company, the expiry date is usually given as three years. We recommend that you never empty oxygen bottles without leaving any residue. We can carry out functional tests on pressure regulators. 

Oxycarry Bag, 1L O2 filled0108021
Oxycarry Bag, 2L O2 filled0108023
Oxygen Cylinder, 1 Litre0108017
Oxygen Cylinder, 2 Litre0108018
Oxygen Cylinder, 5 Litre0110003
Oxygen Cylinder, 10 Litre0110004
Wall Bracket, 1L O2 Cylinder0110020
Wall Bracket, 2L O2 Cylinder0110022
O2 Cylinder Holders, 2 L Pair0110008
O2 Cylinder Holders, 5+10 L pair0110005

Resuscitation bags

SÖHNGEN® resuscitation bags can be disassembled into the individual components for cleaning and put back together in a self-explanatory way. It is also very easy and cost-effective to exchange individual parts in the valve system. 

Resuscitator,Adult, Economy0102002
Resuscitator, Baby, Translucent Model0102026
Resuscitator, Baby, Antistatic Model0102008
Resuscitator, Adult disposable0102060
Resuscitator, Child disposable0102061
Resuscitator, Baby disposable0102062

Ventilation masks

Ventilation appliances are available in various designs: these include masks, tubes and resuscitation blankets. All of the models aim to avoid direct contact between the person giving support and the patient and to overcome the inhibition threshold in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 

Oxygen Mask, with reservoir0109012
O2 Mask, with humidifier0109013
O2 Nebulising Mask, Adult0109022
O2 Nebulising Mask, Child0109023
Respi-Check with Breathing Indicator0109019

Bacterial filters

Bacterial filters are an accessory for ventilation masks to ensure that filtered air reaches the patient for resuscitation. 

Bacteria Filter, Clear Guard for Resuscitator0102050
Bacteria Filter, Children for Resuscitator0102057
Bacteria Filter, Baby for Resuscitator0102058
Bacteria Filter, Hydro Guard for Resuscitator0102056

Ventilation - accessories

Our emergency equipment contains the individual parts necessary for reanimation measures. These can also be ordered individually. 

Nasal Cannula with sealed compress0109010
Nasal Cannula without sealed compress0109017
Oxygen Catheter, taper end0109011
Oxygen Catheter, funnel end0109001
Oxygen Connecting Tube 210cm0109014