This section covers products which focus on fires and burns.
The first aid equipment in fire engines is regulated by DIN 14142. Outside of the fire engine, this equipment also meets the requirements of ASR A4.3.
aluderm® Set AquaCool COMPACT is a special set for large-scale burns which can be used to provide wet or dry care.
For branches of industry which are particularly susceptible to burns, we have various different first aid kits and sets which are specifically designed for the treatment of burns.
The transport of hazardous materials brings with it industry regulations stating that in addition to the content of DIN 13164, GGVSEB personal protective equipment must also be provided.
Fire blankets are preventative fire protection. If exits are blocked, fire blankets can be helpful when leaving buildings.

Fire department / burns / GGVSEB

Fire department first aid kits are part of the technical equipment in fire engines. The purpose is primarily to provide first aid to the crew of the response units. First aid for burns contains aluderm® special bandages for burns. GGVSEB must be available in the transport of hazardous materials. 

K Aluminium DIN 14142 : 20050302601
First Aid Kit ALUMINIUM empty0202604
Fire Brigade Wood0302600
First Aid Kit K Ambulance, wood, empty0202600
Octett DIN 14142 : 20050302620
Emergency Rucksack, Empty0406002
OCTETT Empty, fit. for 2L O20406014
DIN 14142:2005 Amb. First Aid Kit, small3003011
K DIN 14142 2005 old kit 350x400x110mm0302610
Fire Brigade First-Aid Kit Empty, Small0202006
First-Aid FSK-Kit DIN 14143, Large0302003
Fire Brigade First-Aid Kit Empty, Large0202005
DIN 14143 First-Aid Kits, FIRE BRIGADE3003013
Completation Set DIN 14142 : 20053003014

Medical supply unit for large surface wounds.

Complete unit for the wet and dry care of extensive wounds. Various special aluderm® bandages are available for full body massage and partial body care. High water storage capacity. Patient transport in a moist environment with a special mobile sheet. Moisturising and cooling effect created by the sterile water added. 

Burns MT-CD orange, tailored filling0301166
GALVO MT-CD orange, tailored filling0301165
Burns Select0301037
AquaCool Compact Set Adult1003500
AquaCool Mattress Adult1003510
Emergency-Mobile Stretcher PLUS1003505
AquaCool Compact Set Children1003530
AquaCool Mattress Children (120x55x3cm)1003534
Emergency-Mobile Stretcher PLUS Children1003536
Emergency Bag AquaCool Compact, Empty0405005
-AquaCool Pillow 40x60x6cm1003520

GGVSEB first aid kits

In addition to the required vehicle first aid kit DIN 13164, vehicles which transport hazardous materials also require special additional equipment. This can be kept in its own container or in another suitable container together with the DIN 13164 contents. 

SN-CD Hazardous Goods GGVS0301012
Protection Equipment, steel Kit 20301016
Protection-Set-Plastic Kit 20301013

Fire blankets

People who have to use the stairwell as an evacuation route in the case of a major fire can protect themselves with fire blankets. 

Fire Blanket EN Glasfibre 1600 x 1800 mm0602054
Wall Bracket blanket EN metal0602058