The self-contained first aid programme for children developed by SÖHNGEN® is unique. The individual bandages are all in sizes and designs which are suitable for children, with many extra products which are just for children.
The complete first aid equipment is also available for all ages with equipment for all special uses in terms of treating young children, treating children in kindergarten, treating children in schools and general educational institutions.
All of the information on this first aid programme for children is summarised in a special, separate catalogue.
SÖHNGEN® has been around for more than 90 years, and supports you through all of the phases in your life. This is why, as a contrast, SÖHNGEN® not only has a programme for children, it also has a complete first aid programme for seniors.

First aid CHILDREN - baby

Special equipment for the first aid treatment of children under the age of 3 in childcare facilities. 
The SÖHNGEN® series "care of young children" is available in three different container types. The supervisor in
the nursery or the nanny can choose the most suitable model for the local environment
at their own discretion.

SN-CD, yellow 'Freude am Spiel'0350061
Heidelberg 'Krabbelgruppe'0550006
Frist Aid Bag, Ruck-Zuck 'SANDKASTEN'0450059
First Aid Filling 'Early Childhood Care'0350018
First Aid Bag, light blue Baby on Tour0350007b
First Aid Bag, pink Baby on Tour0350007r
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

First aid CHILDREN - kindergarten

There are various different types of childcare for children who have not yet reached compulsory education. SÖHNGEN® deals with this challenge and offers various different versions of the containers. There is a suitable choice for every facility, but these are always equipped exclusively with high quality SÖHNGEN® branded products. 

QUICK-CD Kombi 'Kindergarten', orange0350101
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222
First-Aid Box, Kindergarten orange0350052
Wall Bracket KIEL orange0304061
First-Aid Fillings, 'Kindergarten'0350021
First-Aid Bag, Kindergarten SCOUT0450004
APOLLO-Thermo, Childs Playmat0750002
First-Aid bag, orange 'kids on the move'0350002o
First-Aid bag, blue 'kids on the move'0350002b

First aid CHILDREN . school

In schools, needs are very different due to the various different kinds of lessons on offer. We try to take this into account, and provide a diverse range of specific first aid material equipment especially for schools. 

SCHOOL QUICK-CD, orange0350100
SCHOOL white0550001
First-Aid Box, SCHOOL0350051
Wall Bracket KIEL orange0304061
First-Aid Product Refills, SCHOOL0350020
School XL MT-CD, orange0350109
SCHOOL XS-XXL, Madrid0550109
Rucksack OCTETT SCHOOL0450320
First-Aid Filling, SCHOOL - For all ages0350029
SN-CD orange Art & Technical Instruction0350107
First-Aid Shoulder Bag, School Sports0450106
First-Aid bag Scout 'school trips'0450001
First-Aid Fillings, SCHOOL TRIPS0350022
First-Aid Shoulder Bag, SCHOOL TRIPS0450002
First-Aid bag nylon 'school trips'0450003
APOLLO-Thermo, Seat Cushion0706003
OCTETT First Responder, Filled0406321
Emergency Rucksack, Empty0406002
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

First aid CHILDREN - bags

The diverse range of activities outside of childcare facilities and educational facilities mean that mobile first aid facilities are often the ideal choice. We also have a range of options for this, all of them suitable for children. You can find more information on this in our "first aid for children" catalogue. 

First Aid Junior Sports orange0350105o
First-Aid Set, Children at Home, blue0350001b
First-Aid Set, Children at Home, orange0350001o
First Aid Set SCHOOLBAG0350014b
First Aid Set KIDS orange0350014o
First Aid Gym blue0350104b
First Aid Gym orange0350104o
First Aid Junior Sports blue0350105b

First aid SENIORS

The first aid materials for seniors have been carefully selected. They contain extensive materials so that the best possible help can be provided in an emergency. 

Senior Citizens Home Emergency MT-CD0360131
Home & Residential Care MT-CD orange0360133
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222
Emergency Bag First Responder, Empty0405002
Emergency Rucksack, Empty0406002