The legal basis in Austria is comparable to the German regulations. Here, again, the user chooses the container. The contents are designed on the basis of Ö-NORM Z 1020-1 and Ö-NORM Z 1020-2, with various specialisations and expansions for profession-related requirements.
First aid kits, medical cabinets and first aid bags can be used to provide first aid material:
Ö-NORM Z 1020-1 for areas with up to 5 employees
Ö-NORM Z 1020-2 for areas with up to 20 employees
Depending on the type and dimensions of the work areas, it can be sensible to provide several small first aid kits (type 1) at various, selected locations, or one large first aid kit (type 2) at a central location.

Filling Z1020-1

All of the ÖORM 1020-1 filling ranges on offer for company first aid kits can be put into all SÖHNGEN® container systems. 

Filling ÖNORM Z1020 - 10390901

First aid cases Z1020-1

The Ö-NORM legal provisions are comparable to German provisions. SÖHNGEN® meet the requirements which are made of first aid facilities in Austria in all areas. 

SN-CD, orange ÖNorm Z1020-10390138
SN-CD, white ÖNorm Z1020-10390139
SN-CD, green ÖNorm Z1020-10390140
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

EXTRA first aid cases Z1020-1

The EXTRA first aid case is very compact yet extensive first aid equipment for small companies and other facilities who want to be well prepared for first aid services on both a stationary and a mobile basis. 

SN-CD, yellow, ÖNorm Z1020-1 + Extra0390145
Filling ÖNORM Z1020 - 1 + Extra Set0390903
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

SPECIAL first aid bag Z1020-1

The professional SPECIAL series is the ideal first aid equipment for any company. Beyond the ÖORM requirements, the basic equipment also contains extensive expansions which contain job-specific expansions depending on the estimated risk. 

MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Building Site0390201
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Laboratory0390206
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Metalwork0390208
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Garage0390211
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Public Service0390222
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Bank0390223
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Printworks0390215
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Electrics0390213
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Energy Supplies0390228
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Disposal Works0390217
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Tourism0390202
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Charity Work0390226
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Warehouse0390227
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Woodwork0390204
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Hotel0390203
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Church0390216
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Exhibition0390212
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Plastic Industry0390205
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Agriculture0390207
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Machinery0390219
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Media0390224
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Food Processing0390209
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Steelworks0390218
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Quarry0390225
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Textiles0390220
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Administration0390210
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Science0390221
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-1 Glasswork0390214
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

Z1020-1 cabinet

Cabinets from stationary first aid facilities are available in various models and designs. You can choose freely between SÖHNGEN® systems, the City series, NovoLine and SAFE systems. 

HEIDELBERG Filling ÖNorm Z1020 - 10390001
JUNIORSAFE, Filling ÖNorm Z1020-10390013
NovoLine 1 Filling O-Norm Z1020-10390018

Filling Z1020-2

The basis for all first aid ranges for AUSTRIA is always the high quality SÖHNGEN® branded products, including aluderm®, DermaCare®, BambuCare®and DERMOTEKT®. You can find more details about this in the section on wound care. 

Filling ÖNORM Z1020 - 20390902
Filling ÖNORM Z1020 - 2 + Extra Set0390904

First aid cases Z1020-2

The main advantages of the first aid cases from the 2000 CD programme is the readiness for both stationary and mobile use. The MT-CD, SN-CD and QUICK-CD models can always be planned in where they need to be available in current situations. 

MT-CD, orange ÖNorm Z1020-20390155
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-2, white0390156
MT-CD ÖNorm, Z1020-2 green0390157
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

EXTRA first aid cases Z1020-2

If a company's industrial operations are very broad and cannot necessarily be divided into concrete branches, then the first aid series EXTRA is ideal to meet their needs in the most reliable possible way. 

MT-CD EXTRA+ ÖNorm Z1020-20390108
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

Z1020-2 cabinets

SÖHNGEN® cabinets have been developed on the basis of need and designed especially for first aid facilities. They are safe to use, have a stable construction and sensible functionality, yet also have a very upmarket appearance. 

ROME Filling ÖNorm Z1020 - 20390004
EUROSAFE, Filling ÖNorm Z1020 - 20390003
NovoLine 2 Filling ÖNorm Z1020 - 20390020

First aid kits for multi-track vehicles in accordance with Ö-NORM V5101

Ö-NORM V 5100 must be taken into consideration for single-track and multi-track vehicles. Vehicles must have first aid materials on board which meet at least these requirements. 

First Aid Box Car, black Austria Version0303711
Motorbike, orange Austria Version0303702o