The legal basis for all first aid equipment in industry, trade, administration and education institutions is based on workplace health and safety guidelines (Arbeitsstäenrichtlinien, ASR) A4.3.
The scope and extent of the first aid equipment which has to be available depends on the assessed risk in the company. The operator is responsible for the assessment and for the introduction of suitable measures.
The contents of DIN 13169 may be useful as a helpful reference point for large first aid kits.
Extract from the accident prevention regulations:
a) in administrative and commercial companies
from 51 to 300 employees = 1 DIN 13169 first aid kit
each additional 300 employees, 1 additional DIN 13169 first aid kit
b) in manufacturing and processing companies
from 21 to 100 employees = 1 DIN 13169 first aid kit
each additional 100 employees, 1 additional DIN 13169 first aid kit
c) on construction sites
from 11 to 50 employees = 1 DIN 13169 first aid kit
each additional 50 employees, 1 additional DIN 13169 first aid kit
A large DIN 13169 first aid kit can also be replaced by two small DIN 13157 first aid kits.
The first aid material must be kept available in suitable containers. Suitable containers may be first aid bags, first aid cabinets, first aid kits or first aid backpacks.
For all economic sectors, SÖHNGEN® offers a targeted and extensive range which takes into account the various different accident risks.

MT-CD first aid cases

Designed for mobile and stationary use: all bags include the standard wall mounting with 90° stop locking - safe fixing, quick removal, simple transport. 
The bags are available in three sizes and four colours: orange, white and green. The EXTRA first aid series is light yellow. Labelling with silk screen lettering and coloured pictograms.

MT-CD, orange Filling. Industry Norm0301155
MT-CD, white Filling: Industry Norm0301156
MT-CD, green Filling: Industry Norm0301157
MT-CD, orange Filling: Industry NormPlus0301160
MT-CD, white Filling: Industry NormPlus0301161
MT-CD, green Filling: Industry NormPlus0301162
MT-CD, orange Empty0301150
MT-CD, white Empty0301151
MT-CD, green Empty0301152
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

City series medical cabinets

The city series models are no ordinary cabinets. They have been developed specially for use in first aid. There are no sharp edges or corners. The spatial division is flexible. The edges are made up of one piece. The contents meet all legal requirements and are practical and targeted. 

ROME Industry Norm0501004
ROME Industry NormPlus0501010
ROME Empty0502004
Additional shelf for HAMBURG/ROME0502045
LONDON Industry Norm0501005
LONDON Industry NormPlus0501013
LONDON Empty0502005
Additional shelves for City Series0502055
PARIS Industry Norm0501006
PARIS Empty0502006
Additional shelf for PARIS0502043
MADRID Industry Norm0501075
MADRID Industry NormPlus0501077
MADRID Empty0502007
Additional shelf for MADRID0502044
ATHEN Industry Norm0501028
ATHEN Industry NormPlus0501029
ATHEN Empty0502008
Additional shelf for ATHEN0502047
Replacement Drawer for City Series0502041
Replacement Drawer for City Series0502041

NovoLine2 medical cabinets

The NovoLine line is a series of four first aid cabinets with a uniform design. The models NovoLine 1 + 2 contain bandages for the treatment of injuries. Models 3 + 4 are equipped with stretchers and accessories. The models in this series are particularly suitable for combination as a first aid ward. 

NovoLine 2 white, Industry Norm0501020
NovoLine 2 white, Industry NormPlus0501021
NovoLine 2 Empty0502015

EUROSAFE cabinets

EUROSAFE is a medical cabinet from the SAFE system. The first aid contents meet the requirements for a large first aid kit in accordance with DIN 13169. EUROSAFE is exceptionally robust and durable. With the key compartment safety system, the contents are protected from unwanted access and are only available when they are needed. 
SAFE system cabinets are also suitable as extension units with various different levels of functional equipment (e.g. first aid stations and medical rooms)

EUROSAFE orange, Filling: Industry Norm0503003
EUROSAFE white, Filling: Industry Norm0503004
EUROSAFE orange, Industry NormPlus0503005
EUROSAFE white, Industry NormPlus0503006
EUROSAFE orange, Empty0503009
EUROSAFE white, Empty0503010

SemiRondo cabinet

SemiRondo is the elegant, shapely adaptation to the overall conception of the first aid facility. SemiRondo is visually very different from what people are used to, creating a trusting first aid environment. 

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OSLO first aid kit

The Oslo first aid kit was created as the historical standard product for DIN-standard first aid kits for professional associations. The higher requirements and standards for first aid equipment according to ASR A4.3 today have resulted in the modern first aid facilities. 

OSLO - Sheet Steel, Filling 13 1693003002
First-Aid Kit - OSLO, metal empty0304025
Wall Bracket for OSLO First-Aid Kit0303011

Filling in accordance with DIN 13169

In the legally binding regulations ASR A4.3, the legislator determined that every company must decide which first aid equipment is most suitable for their operations. This is why SÖHNGEN® has a variety of different first aid equipment which meets the individual requirements of various branches of industry, administration or educational facilities. 

Industrial Norm Filling0303008
Industrial Filling NormPlus0303009
Re-Fill Set DIN 13169 Industry Norm SO3003008
Set Sterile Products0303025
aluderm® Plus Extra Set0303005

Filling - individual parts in accordance with DIN 13169

The individual parts in the SÖHNGEN®filling are not randomly selected. Within each product group, for example bandage packs, various use-specific individual bandages are available. Always based on SÖHNGEN® branded products. 

Dressing Sheet 60 x 80cm1003205
Bandage Packet DIN small1002002
Bandage Packet DIN medium1002003
Bandage Packet DIN small1003371
Bandage Packet DIN large1002004
Bandage Packet DIN medium1003372
Bandage Packet DIN large1003373
WS-Elastic Bandage 4 m x 6 cm1004010
WS-Elastic Bandage 4 m x 8 cm1004011
WS-Fixation Bandage Elastic 4 m x 6 cm1004101
WS-Fixation Bandage Elastic 4 m x 8 cm1004102
Eye Compress DuOcul1003340
Compress single 10 x 10 cm1003208
Compress single 10 x 10 cm1003105
SÖHNGEN® Plast, 5 m x 2,5 cm1009111
aluplast plaster set: 8 strips, 10 x 6 cm1009196
aluplast Assortment small finger dressings1009152
Triangular Bandage V white1010004
Rescue Sheet, SIRIUS®0701001
Non Woven Wipes, 5 pcs.1005007
Transparent Bag 300 x 400mm0204030
Clothes Scissors 19 cm, curved2001008
Glove Set 4 Vinyl large1010073
Ice Pack small, 20 x 15 cm1012042
Air-Vita® Bi-Protect0103007
alucap head bandage1003216
aluface face mask1003190
alufinger finger stall single1003220
Cohesive Bandage small 1mx6cm1003197
aluplast Strips 1,9 x 7,2 cm, 50 pcs1009167
Compress Sheet 20 x 30 cm1003100
Compression Bandage1002001
Non Woven Wipes, 10 pcs.1005006
Dressing Material/Bandage Book large8001002
Dressing Material/Bandage Book small8001008
Set - Sterile products for filling DIN131693003025