The first aid equipment "First Aid Professional SPECIAL, First Aid DIRECT and First Aid EXTRA" are all original SÖHNGEN® products. They focus on the user's needs.
Very good first aid for employees, fulfilment of the legal requirements of ASR A4.3, taking into account the individual requirements of the company's danger situation in particular.
For each specific profession, we have selected, appropriate and sophisticated first aid equipment which not only meets legal requirement but is also available for the benefit for the operator and his employees.
The recommendations from the DIN standards 13157 and DIN 13169 are fully integrated in the SÖHNGEN® system.

Professional SPECIAL first aid - the original

Professional SPECIAL first aid is the premium product line for companies who need high quality, balanced and extensive first aid equipment due to a particular risk of accidents, and who need the diversity of the first aid equipment available. All of the models are tailored to different branches of industry and meet the requirements of ASR A4.3. 

Special Workplace Banks, orange0360123
Special Building Site, orange0360101
Special Workplace Paper Industry, orange0360115
Special Electric, orange0360113
Special Workplace Power Plant, orange0360128
Special Workplace Environment. Protection0360117
Special Tourism, orange0360102
Special Workplace Health Care, orange0360126
Special Workplace Glass Work, orange0360114
Special Workplace Warehouse, orange0360127
Special Woodwork, orange0360104
Special Hotel & Gastronomy, orange0360103
Special Workplace Church & Vicarage0360116
Special Workplace Congress Hall, orange0360112
Special Workplace Plastic Industry, orange0360105
Special Laboratory, orange0360106
Special Workplace Agriculture, orange0360107
Special Workplace Machine Works, orange0360119
Special Workplace Media, orange0360124
Special Metal Work, orange0360108
Special Workplace Food Industry, orange0360109
Special Workplace Public Service, orange0360122
Special Workplace Steel Works+G4010360118
Special Workplace Mining, orange0360125
Special Workplace Textiles, orange0360120
Special Administration, orange0360110
Special Garage, orange0360111
Special Workplace Research & Science0360121
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

DIRECT first aid

DIRECT first aid is a series which is particularly suitable for small companies and traders. At the SÖHNGEN® level, the contents focus exclusively on the known accident risks for each industry. The legally binding workplace health and safety guidelines ASR A4.3 are thereby met in the relevant companies in an exemplary manner. 

Direct Cash & Carry0370060
Direct Agency0370030
Direct Local Court0370031
Direct Architecture0370032
Direct Car Shop0370061
Direct Bakery0370062
Direct Bank0370034
Direct DIY0370063
Direct Agriculture0370001
Direct Local Authorities0370033
Direct Florist0370002
Direct Brewery0370003
Direct Cafe0370004
Direct Roof Repair0370064
Direct Printing0370065
Direct I.T. / Computers0370035
Direct Electronics0370066
Direct Fine Foods0370067
Direct Glaziers0370068
Direct Tax Office0370036
Direct Fitness Studio / Gym0370005
Direct Tiles & Caramics0370069
Direct Photography Studio0370070
Direct Hair Dressers0370071
Direct Horticulture0370006
Direct Grocery0370007
Direct Gastronomy0370008
Direct Restaurant0370009
Direct Regions0370037
Direct Scaffolding0370072
Direct Glass Manufacture0370073
Direct crafts0370096
Direct Snack Bar0370010
Direct Real Estate0370038
Direct Department Store0370074
Direct Garage0370075
Direct Cinema / Theatre0370076
Direct Heating & Ventilation Special.0370077
Direct Health Insurance0370039
Direct Kitchen0370078
Direct Fair Ground0370079
Direct Painting & Decoration0370080
Direct Butcher0370081
Direct Furniture0370083
Direct Retail Fashion0370082
Direct Dairy0370084
Direct Opticians0370085
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222
Direct Hostel0370011
First Aid Case Direkt Doctors Office0370046
Direct Solicitors0370040
Direct Dry Cleaners0370086
Direct Travel Agency0370041
Direct Restaurant0370012
Direct Bathroom Fitters0370087
Direct Lock Smith0370088
Direct Carpenters0370089
Direct Freight Transport0370090
Direct Sports Halls0370013
Direct Stadium / Sports Arena0370014
Direct Financial Consultant0370042
Direct Petrol Station0370092
Direct TV / Radio0370093
Direct Department of Transport0370043
Direct Insurance0370044
Direct Launderette0370091
Direct Vineyard0370015

EXTRA first aid

EXTRA first aid is a series created for administrative and industrial companies who want to be prepared for a wide range of different accident risks. The external appearance means that there is a clear reference to the location and function of the first aid bag. The high quality SÖHNGEN® contents meet the requirements of ASR A4.3. 

EXTRA, Office yellow, Filling: Norm0320126
EXTRA+, Office SN-CD yellow0371045
EXTRA+ Admin. MT-CD, yellow0361110
EXTRA, Builder yellow, Filling: Norm0320125
EXTRA+, Builder SN-CD yellow0371096
EXTRA+ Industry MT-CD yellow0361108
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222