First aid sets are compact first aid units which contain the most important first aid items which may be necessary for both professional and leisure activities. They require a relatively small amount of space and fit into any piece of luggage, in your suitcase and wherever it is most often needed.

First aid hobby & profession

Various different hobbies bring with them various different injury risks. Suitable first aid equipment should be available during leisure activities which are potentially dangerous. 

Hobby & Pastime Angler,blue0308029b
Hobby & Pastime Angler,orange0308029o
Mountaineering blue0308021b
Mountaineering orange0308021o
Golfer blue0308007b
Golfer orange0308007o
House & Garden blue0308003b
House & Garden orange0308003o
Hobby & Pastime Household,blue0308041b
Hobby & Pastime Household,orange0308041o
Hobby & Pastime Hobby,blue0308001b
Hobby & Pastime Hobby,orange0308001o
Hunting blue0308009b
Hunting orange0308009o
TRAVELLOR with ARABIC printing0308019b
Hobby & Pastime On the Move,orange0308019o
Maintenance Team blue0308023b
Maintenance Team orange0308023o
Hobby & Pastime Motorbike,blue0308002b
Hobby & Pastime Motorbike,orange0308002o
Hobby & Pastime Paragliding,blue0308006b
Hobby & Pastime Paragliding,orange0308006o
Cycling blue0308004b
Cycling orange0308004o
Hobby & Pastime Horse Riding, blue0308013b
Hobby & Pastime Horse Riding, orange0308013o
Hobby & Pastime Skiing,blue0308012b
Hobby & Pastime Skiing,orange0308012o
Sport & Freetime blue0308031b
Sport & Freetime orange0308031o
Tennis blue0308025b
Tennis orange0308025o
Holiday blue0308010b
Holiday orange0308010o
Hobby & Pastime Watersports, blue0308017b
Hobby & Pastime Watersports, orange0308017o
Personal First-Aid Bag blue0307027b
Personal First-Aid Bag orange0307027o

Self protection / travel

The more adventurous the journey, the more carefully the precautionary hygiene and infection prevention measures should be planned. This is an issue which is always underestimated, but this precaution is at least as important in first aid. 

First-Aid Bag Personal Protection Set1010075
First-Aid Bag TRAVELLER0307023
Pocket Resuscitator Set, SÖHNGEN®0103002

Personal first aid sets

Personal first aid sets for every occasion, be it at home or on the go, ensuring that the most important first aid items are within reach at all times. 

First Aid-Bag DIN 13167 orange0307001o
Forestry First-Aid Set0307012
First-Aid Bicycle Set0307028
First-Aid Helmet Set0307029
First-Aid Mini Set royal blue0307040b
First-Aid Mini Set orange0307040o

First aid dogs

The same high quality SÖHNGEN®materials are used, it is just that the final products are designed for use on dogs. 

First Aid kit, Woof Woof0304050
Wall Bracket KIEL green0304062
First Aid bag, dogs0308032