This series includes a range of first aid bags for various popular types of sport. For other active sports activities in general, we have various different sports first aid kits and sport medical bags on offer.

First aid bags . sports

All sports bags contain first aid equipment for sports facilities, club houses, sports clubs and gyms as set out in ASR A4.3. The expansions mainly focus on sports injuries. The mobility of the system means that the first aid is immediately available at training, home games and away games. 

SPORT Series Basketball0380004
SPORT Series Company Sport0380015
SPORT Series Football0380002
SPORT Series Golf0380010
SPORT Series Handball0380001
SPORT Series Hockey0380005
SPORT Series Martial Arts0380008
SPORT Series Light Athletics0380006
SPORT Series Cycling0380013
SPORT Series Tennis0380009
SPORT Series Table Tennis0380011
SPORT Series Gymnastics0380007
SPORT Series Volleyball0380003
SPORT Series Water Sport0380012
SPORT Series Winter Sport0380014
MT-CD, MultiSPORT0301070
First Aid Box SAILING0301029
Security Seals - 10 pcs. for First-Aid Cases0301222

First aid sets / bags . sports

Each sports bag contains first aid equipment tailored to the sport in question and also provides very personal appliances and fitness items. 

First-Aid Sports Bag Model: Scout0307021
First-Aid Sports Bag Model: Shoulder Bag0404013
First-Aid Sports Bag Model: Sport-Boy0404020