VTI®-Futur vacuum mattresses and VacuSplint vacuum splints fit perfectly to a patient's body by removing the air and stabilise the limbs where there is a suspected spinal injury or fracture.
Pneumatically inflatable four-chamber splints for the gentle and secure splinting of fractures to the limbs in adults and children. The arm or the leg can rest in stabilising air padding.

VTI®-Futur Vacuum-Matress

DuoVent ventilation support is provided with a two-way valve system and two adjustable adaptors: one for mouth-to-mouth ventilation with a short, curved mouth tube, and one for mouth-to-nose ventilation with a short nose tube. 

Vacuum Stretcher, wide DIN EN 1865:20010603049
Vacuum Stretcher, narrow0603042
Vacuum Stretcher, MINI 10603014
Vacuum Stretcher, MINI 20603015
Vacuum Stretcher, Handle0603045
Vacuum Stretcher, Valve0603043
Vacuum Stretcher, Pump0603050
Vacuum Stretcher, Sheet0603013
Vacuum Stretcher, VTI-Clean0603046

VacuSplint vacuum splints

Vacu Splint, arm, adult0603024
Vacu Splint, arm, child0603030
Vacu Splint, leg, adult0603025
Vacu Splint, leg, child0603031
Vacu Splint, Neck Splint0603032
Vacu Splint, Infusion0603034
Transport bag for Vacusplints0602003
Vacuum Stretcher, Pump0603050
VacuSplint Set adults0603100
VacuSplint Set adults incl.infusion splint0603102
VacuSplint Set children0603101

Inflatable four-chamber splints

Pneumat Splint, arm, adult0604014
Pneumat Splint, leg, adult0604015
Pneumat Splint cushion bag0604016
Pneumat Splint Set 3-piece0604017
Pneumat Splint, arm, child0604020
Pneumat Splint, leg, child0604021
PneuPlast Arm Splint PVC inflatable0604005
PneuPlast Leg Splint PVC Inflatable0604006
PneuPlast Cushion Splint PVC Inflatable0604007
Pneuplast Splint Set 3-piece0604004
Pneuplast Splint Set 5-piece0604010
PneuPlast Half-Arm Splint PVC Inflatable0604011
PneuPlast Half-Leg Splint PVC Inflatable0604012
Valve mouthpiece 10 pieces0604009

QuickFix aluminium padded splints

Alu-Splint, QUICKFIX, Finger1011049
Alu-Splint, QUICKFIX, Arm1011050
Alu-Splint, QUICKFIX, Leg1011055
Alu-Splint Set, QUICKFIX 3-piece set1011056

Spinal immobilisation collar

Stifneck® Select adult0603070
Stifneck®-Select paediatric0603069
Laerdal® Stifneck® Paediatric0603071
Laerdal® Stifneck® Baby no-neck0603072
Laerdal® Stifneck® no-neck0603073
Laerdal® Stifneck® short0603074
Laerdal® Stifneck® regular0603075
Laerdal® Stifneck® tall0603076
ACE Adult, 4 adjustable sizes0603080
Transport Bag for Immobilisation collars0603079

Spine board

Spine Board0601201
Spider Strap System for Spine Board0601202
Head Immobiliser for Spine Board0601203
Spine Board Set including head fixation0601204
Immobilisation Corset0601095

Scoop stretchers

Scoop Stretcher0601035
Head Fixation Set for Scoop Stretcher0601045
Scoop Stretcher, Brackets0601044
Protective Cover for Scoop Stretcher0601047