According to the technical rules in ASR A4.3 for first aid rooms and comparable facilities, a suitable inventory of equipment, means for first aid and medical materials and suitable life-saving equipment and emergency transport must be available depending on the assessment of danger.
Suggestions for the complete design of a facility of this type are set out in this section.

Stretcher cabinets . ANBAUSAFE

Kombi Safe orange0501051
Kombi Safe white0501055
Kombi Safe green0501059
BANDAGE DRESSINGS, orange, filled0501053
BANDAGE DRESSINGS, green, filled0501060
EMERGENCY MEDICINE, orange, filled0501054
DISPOSABLES orange0501052
Kombi Safe orange, Empty0502022
Kombi Safe white, Empty0502025

Stretcher cabinets - SAFE standing cabinet

Stretcher Cabinet, Upright orange0601052
Stretcher Cabinet, Upright white0601054
Stretcher Cabinet, Upright orange, Empty0601053
Stretcher Cabinet, Upright white, Empty0601055

Stretcher cabinets . NovoLine

Stretcher Cabinet NovoLine 3 white0501049
Stretcher Cabinet NovoLine 3 white, Empty0502023
Stretcher Cabinet NovoLine 4 white0601083
Stretcher Cabinet NovoLine 4 white, empty0601082


Swivel Chair6001064
Instrument Stand6001096
Waste Disposal Bin6001009
Wash Bowl Stand, 2 bowls6001008
Wash Bowl Stand, 1 bowl6001040
Arm-Leg Support6001029
First-Aid Bag Ruck-Zuck, Filling DIN 131570404010
Bed Screen6001010
Infusion Stand6001039