Medical rucksacks can be a sensible alternative or addition to tried and tested first aid containers.
SÖHNGEN® medical rucksacks are a range of modern, new developments which have quickly become a fixed part of the market, including at an international level. Equipped with plenty of order, plenty of space, plenty of extra pockets both inside and out and still a high degree of oversight and comfort. Medical rucksacks can be a sensible alternative or addition to tried and tested first aid containers. Medical bags are available in various designs and made of various different materials. Medical bags are recommended where their use will be not only stationary but also mobile for the treatment of groups of staff on the go.
Rucksack medical bags are the preferred models, as these are particularly suitable for outdoor use. Handling is unproblematic whatever the weather, which means well functioning use is achieved. The contents remain protected and ready for use at all times.

MyBag Rucksack

This is the personal alternative to the medical rucksack. MyBag is designed for people who want to have their first aid equipment needs met in a light, comfortable rucksack. 

MyBag Personal Paramedic Rucksack0406400
First-Aid Rucksack PRIVAT-Basic0406003

OCTETT survival rucksack

Medical rucksacks have become a fixed part of emergency service provision. There are situations in which a rucksack is a sensible alternative to conventional first aid containers. The user has to choose on the basis of the intended purpose. 

OCTETT DIN 13155, fit. for 2L O20406327
OCTETT Empty, fit. for 2L O20406014
OCTETT First Responder, Filled0406321


The aim of the bags we have in various different formats and designs made from different materials is to provide first aid even on the go. The equipment is varied and orientated to the needs of the user. 

First-Aid Satchel, nylon, DIN 131600401006
First-Aid Satchel, nylon, Empty0401007
First Aid Filling DIN 131603003006