When procuring means of transport, it is first necessary to identify which requirements are placed on these means of transport and which features they have to have.
In the various carrying systems available, there are means of transport with very different options. The focus is always on the intended purpose, whether decisions are made to select the most frequently used stretcher in accordance with DIN 13024 or whether scoop stretchers, basket stretchers, spine boards, rescue sheets or rescue seats would be more suitable.

Emergency seat

Rescue Seat, Kombi0601102
EVACUATION yellow, one Rescue Seat0601109
EVACUATION yellow, two Rescue Seats0601108
Rescue Seat0601030


Stretcher 1 x Foldable syn.fabric, 4 feet0601004
Stretcher 1 x Foldable syn.fabric, 2 wheels0601074
Stretcher 1 x Foldable syn.fabric, 4 wheels0601075
Stretcher 1 x Foldable PVC, 4 glide feet0601002
Stretcher 1 x Foldable PVC, 2 roll wheels0601070
Stretcher 1 x Foldable PVC, 4 roll wheels0601071
Stretcher 2 x Foldable syn. fabric, 4 feet0601005
Stretcher 2 x Foldable syn. fabric, 2 wheels0601076
Stretcher 2 x Foldable syn. fabric, 4 wheels0601077
Stretcher 2 x Foldable PVC, 4 glide feet0601003
Stretcher 2 x Foldable PVC, 2 roll wheels0601072
Stretcher 2 x Foldable PVC, 4 roll wheels0601073
Patient Restraint Belt Body0602016
Patient Restraint Belt Wrist0602017
Patient Restraint Belt Lower Leg0602018
Patient Restraint Belt Upper Leg0602019
Carrying Belt compliant to DIN 130440602007
Transport bag for Stretcher 1x foldable0602001
Transport Bag for Stretcher 2x foldable0602002
Stretcher Stand, FastRack0601300
Infusion Stand for Stretcher0602006
Stretcher Carriage, Rigid0601015
Stretcher Carriage, foldable0601017
Stretcher Chair, Kombi6001075
Stretcher Blanket, Comfort0602046
Stretcher Blanket, Rostock0602048
Stretcher Blanket, Wiesbaden0602049
Stretcher Blanket, Borbo0602053


Basket Stretcher Secour-Comfort0601024
Lifting Bridles for Basket Stretcher0601033

Rescue Sheets

Rescue Litter, Cotton DIN 130400601020
Rescue Litter, PVC DIN 130400601067
Rescue Litter, PVC DIN EN 18650601065
Bag for Rescue Litter Cotton0601028
Bag for Rescue Litter Complan0601128
Rescue Litter, Cotton0601022
Rescue Litter, Cotton with pockets0601023
Rescue Litter, Complan0601068
Rescue Litter, Complan with pockets0601069
Rescue Litter, XXL0601098
Transfer Mattress, PVC0601026
Transfer Sheet, fleece, disposable0601130
REGUSYS Evacuation System0601092

aluderm® Set AquaCool Compact

AquaCool Compact Set Adult1003500
AquaCool Mattress Adult1003510
Emergency-Mobile Stretcher PLUS1003505
AquaCool Compact Set Children1003530
AquaCool Mattress Children (120x55x3cm)1003534
Emergency-Mobile Stretcher PLUS Children1003536
Emergency Bag AquaCool Compact, Empty0405005
-AquaCool Pillow 40x60x6cm1003520