aluderm® DRESSING

aluderm® - the gentle wound therapy.
aluderm®, in all its product forms, is the method of choice for acute care of injuries in first aid and emergency medicine. At the same time aluderm® has also proved itself perfectly in the long-term therapy of problematic wounds.
aluderm® has an aluminised wound dressing of polyester non-woven fabric. The absorbent layer has an extremely high absorption capacity. The final layer is a hydrophobic PP non-woven fabric.
aluderm® will not stick to any wound. It does not release fibres, is strongly absorbent, keeping even the highly secreting wounds dry. aluderm® is breathable, promotes skin formation and healing, physiologically safe, free of chemical binding materials, EO-sterilised under constant monitoring, in peel-open packing labelled with an expiry date of 20 years (from the date of manufacture).

aluderm® bandages

The special feature of SÖHNGEN®bandages is the no-touch winding we created and which users prefer. No special technique is required to place the bandage on the wound to cover it in a sterile manner without direct contact. 

Bandage Packet DIN small1003371
Bandage Packet DIN medium1003372
Bandage Packet DIN large1003373
Bandage Packet extra large1003203

aluderm® compresses

aluderm® compresses are used in particular for the first aid treatment of small wounds. Depending on the part of the body on which the aluderm®compress is to be used, it is securely fastened with WS elastic bandages, WS-fix mesh bandages or SÖHNGEN® Silk. 

Compress single 7,5 x 7,5 cm1003213
Compress single 10 x 10 cm1003208
Compress single 10 x 15 cm1003209
Compress single 20 x 20 cm1003210
Compresses 5 x 5 cm, 50 pcs1003225
Compresses 7,5 x 7,5 cm, 50 pcs1003226
Compresses 10 x 10 cm, 50 pcs1003227
Compresses 10 x 15 cm, 50 pcs1003228
Compresses 20 x 20 cm, 50 pcs1003229
Plastic Dispenser for Rolls1003410

aluderm® hole/slit compresses

aluderm® hole/slit compresses are special compresses which can be used to protect puncture sites for cannulas, catheters and tubes in a padded and protected manner. 

Slit Compress small fits CH 08-301003214
Slit Compress large fits CH 32-501003215

aluderm® special bandages

Ready to use aluderm® special bandages for rapid, easy use on large-scale injuries to limbs or the head or face, and for abrasions to any part of the body. 

aluface face mask1003190
alucap head bandage1003216
aluhand hand bandage1003217
aluarm arm bandage1003218
aluleg leg bandage1003219
alufinger finger stall single1003220
alufinger Set 1 1 alufinger+1 leather stall1003221
alufinger Set 2 3 alufinger, 1 leather stall1003222
Leather finger stall size 41010036
Leather finger stall size 51010035
Leather finger stall size 61010034
Eye Compress DuOcul1003340
Eye patch black1010022
Abrasion Bandage Adult1003263

aluderm® rapid bandage

aluderm® rapid bandages are advantageous because they can be applied quickly, easily and safely. 

Cohesive Bandage Finger-Quick1003196
Cohesive Bandage small 1mx6cm1003197
Cohesive Bandage large 1mx8cm1003198

aluderm® dressing

With the particular features of aluderm®, the use of aluderm® dressings is recommended in particular for extensive injuries, burns and abrasions, but a considerable improvement in decubitus can also be observed with the use of aluderm® in the care of patients who are bed-ridden over an extended period of time. aluderm® helps to protect the skin. 

Dressing Sheet 40 x 60 cm1003204
Dressing Sheet 73 x 220cm1003207
Dressing Sheet 60 x 80cm1003205
Dressing Sheet 140 x 220cm1003224
Dressing Sheet 80 x 120cm1003206