BambuCare® is a new ecologically-friendly dressing.
The BambuCare® non-woven fabric is originally made from the quickly regrowing natural product bamboo. Bamboo does not require any maintenance during cultivation, e.g. water, and is extremely resource-conserving during its growth.
BambuCare® can be applied to all surface injuries or those with high secretion rates, and is excellent primary care for wounds.
The unusual quality of this natural dressing is hidden in its non-woven bamboo fabric middle layer:
This natural fabric made of 100 % bamboo, not from genetically modified cultivation, is a super absorber due to its high wound secretion uptake with high breathability. A large-pored, soft wound contact layer and outer layer made of polyamide fabric ensure an absolute smooth surface, the dressing does not adhere to the wound and therefore, it enables patient-friendly, pain-free changing of the dressing.

BambuCare® compresses

BambuCare® has excellent padding and pressure efficiency. This natural bandage is hypoallergenic, helps promote the formation of skin and healing, is physiologically harmless, does not contain any whiteners and is free from chemical binding agents. 
BambuCare® preserves wound exudate in the hygienic and spacious intermediate layer, thereby enabling optimum wound care. The absorbency is 3,000g/m².

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BambuCare® bandage packs

Ecological with the No-Touch technique with highly absorbed, extra strong (3,000g/m2) passing BambuCare® wound cover which does not stick to the wound and has WS bandages. 
Very simple, rapid and safe to use in the treatment of wounds.

Bandage packet DIN medium1002012