In operational first aid, there is no one solution for everyone.

In the future, you will therefore find an even larger range of Cederroth brand products with us, with which your own Salvequick plaster dispensers can be tailored even better to your very individual circumstances. Also new in our range: Cederroth Soft Foam bandages for multifunctional use as plasters OR bandages for minor injuries.

Find the ideal solution for you and your company with SÖHNGEN® and Cederroth right now.

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Refill 60961009296
Refill 510301261009736
Refill 64441009444
Refill 60361009036
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Refill 64701009470
Refill 69431009943
Cederroth Wound Care Dispenser Blue – Detectable1009074
Cederroth Wound Care Dispenser1009073
Refill 510301271009735
Refill 67961009796
Salvequick plaster dispenser1009070
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