Children are not little adults. SÖHNGEN® has developed its own complete programme for children. All the first-aid products that are available for adults have been adapted for children of all ages. This means that the most frequently required dressings are available in child-friendly versions and sizes. Additionally, new products were developed where it was considered necessary. Complete first-aid systems for children were created building on these basic principles.
Today, SÖHNGEN® offers complete, specialist first-aid equipment for infant care centres, nurseries, schools and other educational establishments. There is an extensive special catalogue with detailed information and pictures for the entire first-aid programme for children.

aluderm® children's bandages

High quality aluderm® bandages, specially tailored to the specific requirements of children, adapted to various different sizes for the relevant age groups. Suitable for children, colourful packaging, simply open and use. 

Bandage Packet, Children, small1050371
Bandage Packet, Children, medium1050372
Bandage Packet, Children, large1050373
Cohesive bandage small, Children1050197
Cohesive bandage large, Children1050198
Compress, Children, 4 x 6cm1050208
Compress, Children, 6 x 6cm1050209
Compress, Children, 8 x 6 cm1050210
Dressing Sheet, Children, 25x30cm1050260
Dressing Sheet, Children, 30x35cm1050261
Abrasion Bandage Children1050262
Knee and Elbow Bandages, Children, 6cm1050140
Knee and Elbow Bandages, Children, 8cm1050141
Knee and Elbow Bandages, Childr., 10cm1050142
Head Bandage, Children, small, 6cm1050199
Head Bandage, Children, large1050200
alucap, Children small1050216
alucap, Children large1050217
Eye compress Children DuOcul1050340

DermaCare® children's bandages

High quality DermaCare® bandages, specially tailored to the specific 
requirements of children, adapted to various different sizes for the relevant age groups. Suitable for children, colourful packaging, simply open and use.

Bandage Packet, Children, small1050002
Bandage Packet, Children, medium1050003
Bandage Packet, Children, large1050004
Compress, Children, 4x6cm1050103
Compress, Children, 6x6cm1050104
Compress, Children, 8x6cm1050105
Dressing Sheet, Children, 25x30cm1050101
Dressing Sheet, Children, 30x35cm1050102

Children's bandages / children's tubular bandages

Various bandages and tubular bandages in sizes suitable for children. 

Tubular Bandage, 80x3,5cm2050022
Tubular Bandage, 80x6,0cm2050023
Tubular Bandage, 80x8,0cm2050024
Elastic Gauze Bandage, Children, 2mx6cm1050010
Elastic Gauze Bandage, Children, 2mx8cm1050011
Fixation Bandage, Children, 2mx4cm1050091
Fixation Bandage, Children, 2mx6cm1050092
Fixation Bandage, Children, 2mx8cm1050093
Universal bandage for children, 2,5x6cm1050115

Children's triangular bandage / children's pressure bandage

Triangular bandage and special pressure bandage packs in sizes suitable for children. 

Special Compression bandage for children1050001
Triang. Bandage V, Childr., 67x67x96 cm1050020
Triang. Bandage V, Childr., 67x67x136 cm1050021

Children's survival blankets / tooth collection

SIRIUS® survival blankets are now part of every first aid equipment. Survival blankets are also included in all statutory first aid kits. Survival blankets are used by all rescue services around the world. Specially for children in sizes suitable for children. 

Rescue Sheet, SIRIUS®,children0750020