DermaCare® - the careful wound therapy.
Viscose non-woven fabric with an incredibly high absorbency of 2 000 g/m² and hydrophilic PP anti-adhesive non-woven fabric on both sides. DermaCare® has an absolutely smooth surface, causes no hypersensitivity reactions, physiologically safe, free of chemical binding materials, EO-sterilised under constant monitoring, in peel-open packing labelled with an expiry date of 20 years (from the date of manufacture).

DermaCare® bandage packs

Pathogen-free wound covering with the SÖHNGEN® No-Touch technology with a sealed WS elastic fastening bandage is the ideal construction found in SÖHNGEN® bandage packs. 

Bandage Packet DIN small1002002
Bandage Packet DIN medium1002003
Bandage Packet DIN large1002004

DermaCare® compresses

Reliable absorbency, safe wound covering, good padding properties, can be attached even in difficult positions easily and in a versatile manner using SÖHNGEN® products. 

Kompresse 10x15 cm1003106
Kompresse 20x20 cm1003107
Kompresse 10x10cm à 50 Stk.1003311

DermaCare® sheet compresses

DermaCare® dressings are all equipped with the advantages of the DermaCare®product line The large-scale format is particularly suitable for the pathogen-free, protective covering of wounds and for follow-up treatment on wounds which are healing, such as abrasions. 

Compress 20 x 30 cm1003100
Compress Sheet 30 x 40 cm1003101