DERMOTEKT® dressings are made of polyester non-woven fabric, surpassing the minimum requirements of DIN 13152. The absorbency is 1 000 g/m². DERMOTEKT® has an absolutely smooth surface, does not adhere to the wound, is physiologically safe, free of chemical binding materials, EO-sterilised under constant monitoring, in peel-open packing labelled with an expiry date of 20 years (from the date of manufacture).

DERMOTEKT® bandage packs

The DERMOTEKT® bandage pack is basically a small dressing which is tightly bound to a WS elastic bandage, making the application of a bandage much simpler. 

Bandage Packet V extra large1003005

DERMOTEKT® dressing

Dressings are also a component of statutory first aid kits in cars required in accordance with DIN 13164. The sterile components in the vehicle first aid kits are all provided with different expiry dates. The expiry date indicated must be taken into account and checked, and where necessary the item must be changed. SÖHNGEN® sterile products are marked with an expiration date of 20 years (from the date of manufacture). 

Bandage V 80 x 120 cm1003007

DERMOTEKT® compresses

The same rules apply to DERMOTEKT®compresses as to the entire DERMOTEKT® product line. 

Kompresse 10x10cm1003400
Kompresse 10x10cm à 2 Stk.1003401
Kompresse Rolle 1 mx10 cm unsteril1003405
Kompresse Rolle 10 mx10 cm1003408