Disinfectant for wound disinfection, hand disinfection and surface disinfection. Only well-known branded products are offered in various dosage forms. Well equipped, complete hygiene and infection protection stations are recommended in particular.
SÖHNGEN® SafePoint, SafePoint PLUS and SafePoint absorb provide perfect systems. The field of disposable clothing includes personal protective clothing ranging from disposable gloves, medical face masks, caps and clothes to complete sets of clothes to protect against infection. A complete range of one-person disposable clothing is available. Disposable clothing is the good value alternative to cost-intensive multiple-use clothing. Disposable covers are available for all seasons. One-person clothing is good to stockpile, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Bedpans, urine bottles, vomit bags, kidney dishes and stomach pumps are all appliances which are part of the care environment but are often also necessary in first aid.

Hand disinfection

We offer tried and tested products for hand disinfection by Sterillium® and Manusept®. Sterillium® is available in various different designs and volumes with suitable dosing systems. 

Sterillium,100 ml Bottle1012131
Sterillium, 1L Bottle1012132
dosing pump for 1000 ml bottle Sterillium1012029
Sterillium, Wipes carton of 10 pieces1012139
Manusept Basic, 100ml Bottle1012071
Sterilium Virugard, 100ml Bottle1012150
Sterillium Virugard, 500 ml Bottle1012204
hand disinfection 75 ml1012083
SafePoint Hygiene and Infection Station1005270

Wound and skin disinfection

Octenisept® and Savett® wound cleaning wipes are particularly recommended for the disinfection of wounds and skin. Kodan®, Cutasept® and alcohol pads are also tried and tested means of disinfectant in wound care. 

Octenisept, Pumpspray, 50ml1012070
Kodan Tincture, Pump Spray 250 ml1012055
Kodan Tincture Refill canister, 2L1012052
Cutasept, Pumpspray, 50 ml1012129
Cutasept F, Pumpspray 250ml1012130
Alcohol Wipes Carton with 100 pcs.1012004
Quickpad, Wipe Dispenser 150 wipes.1012003
Savett Wipes, Refill Pack 40 pcs.1009301

Surface disinfection

We also only offer tried and tested, known products for surface disinfection with an immediate and a long-term effect. These include Incidur®, Bacillol®, Mikrozid® and Desomed® with suitable dosing systems. 

Mikrozid AF, Pump Spray, 250ml1012054
Bacillol-Tissues, 100 pcs1012086
Bacillol AF, 1L Bottle1012200
Nozzle, Desomed Rapid Bottle1012023

SÖHNGEN® SafePoint hygiene stations

Hygiene and infection protection are essential support measures in first aid. First protect, then act. A precaution which is always worth it. 

SafePoint Hygiene and Infection Station1005270
SafePoint Hygiene/Infection Station absorb1005273
SÖHNGEN® Hygiene Granulate1012087
Söen® Doppel Desi, Protection Station1005268
Wall plate for Doppel Desi Inf. Prot. Station7301721

Protective clothing

If you need to keep emergency protective clothing available for unforeseeable emergencies, we recommend complete disposable sets. This means you are safe and always have everything you need within easy access and fully available. 

Protective Set, BASIC1005271
Protection Set, PLUS1005272
Potection Set, ALPHA1005292
Tyvek® Pro-Tech Overall1005276
Cap, blue disposable1005277
Shoe Cover, white disposable1005278
Protective Goggles1005287
Protection Set, SMALL1005078
Protection Set, LARGE 11005079
Protection Set, LARGE 21005179
PP Overall EN14126 Cat.III Typ 5+6 XXL1005275
Overal, XLl disposable1005076
Overal, XXL disposable1005176
blanket single-use VE 1001005100
Shoe Cover, blue disposable, 100 pcs.1005083
Protection Sur Boots Alpha1005291

Respirator masks

Respirator masks are used for personal respiration protection for use under questionable environmental conditions or as a protection against infection when dealing with unknown patients. 

FFP2 Mask with valve1005289
FFP3 Mask with valve1005282
Einmal-Mundschutzmaske 3-lagig 50pcs.1005101
Mask, 100 pcs. disposable1005077

Protective gloves

Any sensitivities to certain materials must be taken into account when using medical protective gloves. (e.g. latex allergy). 

Vinyl gloves, S, 100 pcs. powdered1010069
Vinyl gloves, M, 100 pcs. powdered1010067
Vinyl gloves, L, 100 pcs. powdered1010068
Vinyl gloves, XL, 100 pcs. powdered1010074
Vinyl gloves, S, 100pcs., powder free1010166
Vinyl Gloves, M, 100pcs, powder free1010167
Vinyl Gloves, L, 100 pcs, powder free1010168
Latex gloves, S, 100pcs., lightly powdered1010083
Latex gloves, M, 100pcs., lightly powdered1010084
Latex gloves, L, 100pcs., lightly powdered1010082
Latex gloves, XL, 100pcs., lightly powdered1010094
Latex Gloves, S, 100pcs., powder free1010087
Latex Gloves, M, 100pcs., powder free1010088
Latex Gloves, L, 100 pcs., powder free1010089
Latex gloves, XL, 100pcs., powder free1010095
Nitrile gloves, S, 100pcs., powder free1010097
Nitrile gloves, M, 100 pcs, powder free1010051
Nitrile gloves, L, 100 pcs. powder free1010050
Nitrile gloves, XL, 100 pcs. powder free1010052
Wall Bracket for glove box1010076
Glove Set 4 Vinyl large1010073
OP-gloves, sterile Size 7 1/2, pair1010090
OP-gloves, sterile size 8 1/2, pair1010092

Disposable clothing

The advantage of disposable clothing is that it can be stockpiled over an extended period without requiring any care and without any expense. It can then be used without hesitation if necessary. 

Stretcher Blanket, ECO white, Model: Light1005070
Stretcher Blanket, ECO white, Model: Heavy1005069
Stretcher Blanket, ECO Model: Clinic blue1005090
Stretcher Blanket, ECO Model: Clinic green1005091
Blanket, Social Service Extra 190 x 110 cm1005065
Blanket, Ambulance Light1005066
Ambulance Blanket Cover 195 x 115cm1005068
Pillow 40 x 40 cm, 500 g1005067
Pillow Cover 40 x 50 cm1005080
Pillow Cover 60 x 50 cm1005073
Bed Sheet Cover 240 x 140 cm1005072
Stretcher Sheet, disposable1005074
Stretcher Sheet, XL disposable1005087
Non Woven Wipes, 50 pcs.1005005
Non Woven Wipes, 5 pcs.1005007
Patient Blanket 135 x 195 mm1005093
Blanket Cover Sheet 200 x 140 cm1005071
Transport Bag with 5 ROSTOCK blankets0602044
Transport Bag for 5 wollen blankets0602045
Disposable stretcher sheet 210 x 75 cm1005403
Disaster Bag, plastic (EVA)0603020
Body Bag, Fleece, grey0603028

Healthcare products

Certain healthcare items are essential in the equipment of first aid wards and medical rooms so that hygienically safe patient care processes are achieved in facilities of this type. 

Bed Pan with lid plastic2010233
Urine Vessel male plastic2010252
Urine Vessel female plastic2010262
Urine Bag 1,5 Liter2010263
Sick bag 23 x 12 x 8 cm2010204
Kidney Bowl2010201
Disposable Kidney Bowl2010203
blanket single-use VE 1001005100