Guidelines released by professional associations and accident insurance companies include extensive information on these issues, looking at rules, regulations and further information. All first aid provisions must be recorded in a first aid log which must be kept for five years. Symbols are used to identify various different first aid facilities and equipment.

First aid log / accident records

In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations A1/the Association of Accident Insurers A1 Section 24 IV paragraph 6, all first aid provided must be recorded and these records kept for five years. 

Dressing Material/Bandage Book large8001002
Dressing Material/Bandage Book small8001008
Identification Cards for SEG Box8001200

First aid documents

Brochures about accident protection legislation, laws and posters about first aid are described. 

First-Aid Poster, paper German8001003
First Aid Poster, plastic German language8001034
First-Aid Guideline Booklet German8001004
First Aid Guideline Booklet - German only8001010
Acc. prev. guidelines GUV-V A1 - German 8001037
Acc. prev. laws GUV-R A1 - German only8001039

First aid symbols

Rescue signs, notices and colour pictograms to label first aid facilities. 

First Aid Sign Cross Symbol8001021
FA-Sign, text for F-A Station cross symbol8001032
FA-Sign, text for F-A case cross symbol8001033
Pictogram-Series Emergency Medicine-S8001011
Pictogram-Series Emergency Medicine-L8001012
pictogram-block First-Aid 4 topics, 7x7cm1008025