Eye wash

AQUA NIT® sterile water and oculav NIT® sterile solution ready to use bottles with 250 ml for immediate eye rinsing.
AQUA NIT® sterile water for hazardous workplaces. For all dirt, dust and over-head work. Also for flushing out foreign objects.
oculav NIT® sterile solution is a buffer solution that binds and neutralises, especially after chemical burns caused by acids and alkalis.

oculav NIT® sterile solution / AQUA NIT® sterile water

Ready to use rapid use eyewash, only for single use. After use, the bottle must be disposed of and cannot be refilled. 
Foreign bodies can be gently flushed out. Temperature-resistant, no contamination, no maintenance, no need to change the water

AQUA NIT® Sterile Water, 250ml2010008
AQUA NIT® 4x250ml Ster. Water2010009
oculav NIT® Sterile Solution, 250ml bottle2010013
Eye Wash Station, oculav NIT® 4x 250 ml2010004
Bottle Holder, AQUA NIT®2010005

Eyewash bottles

Eyewash bottles are only filled when there is an acute need. Until this point they should be kept very clean. They can, however, be refilled as necessary. 

Combi-Eye-Wash-System 750 ml2010006
Combi-System QUICK-CD, orange2010014