Real help has to be learned! Good training is the foundation of qualified first aid support.
Our various practice kits include branded products, such as aluderm® bandages with no-touch winding. This way, students can learn the benefits of SÖHNGEN® bandaging materials from the very start.
The practice kits for children with bandages in children's sizes and dimensions are also worth noting.

First aid bag for first aid training

Demo sets for trainers and participants form the basis and contain the technical equipment necessary to teach a first aid lesson. 

QUICK-CD white for BGG 948 2.30307126

Practice kits

First aid practice kits are made up of original products which those studying first aid must learn about. 

Training for instructor basic modul 10307115
Training modul 2 BGG 9480307116
Training Set Module 2 (BGG 948) 40 pcs.0309116
Training Set children (BGG/GUV-G 948)0307118
F.A.Training for Children Type K 10350011
F.A.Training for Children Type K 20350012

Practice material

Get to know first aid products and experience their use - that is the aim of first aid practice material. 

Exercise Set for FA-Training Type A0307009
Training Set Type A packaging size 50 pcs.0309009
Training Set Type A with gloves0307109
Training Set Type A/gloves pack. 50 pcs0309109
Exercise Set for FA-Training Type B0307013
Training Set Type B packaging size 50 pcs.0309013
Training Set Type B with gloves0307113
Training Set Type B/gloves pack. 50 pcs0309113
Exercise Set for FA-Training Type C0307014
Training Set Type C packaging size 50 pcs.0309014
Training-Set Typ C with gloves single-use0307114
Training Set Type C/gloves pack. 50 pcs0309114
Exercise Set for FA-Training Type D0307010
Bandage Package M-3 Training & Exercise1010009
Bandage Package M-2 Training & Exercise1010010
children training bandage- packet medium1050374
Fixing Bandage 3 m x 6 cm1004006
Compresses, 10x10 cm Training&Exercise1003409