Products and accessories for venous access.

Tourniquets / ampoule openers

Easy to use, easy to apply, with a safety catch. SÖHNGEN® Life'n Limb is new (registered for a patent). 

Tourniquet, SÖHNGEN®1010056
Ampoule Opener2009265


Individual syringes in sterile packaging for single use. 

Syringe, 2ml disposable2009051
Syringe, 5ml disposable2009052
Syringe, 10ml disposable2009054
Syringe, 20ml disposable2009055


Individual cannulas in sterile packaging for single use. 

Cannula, G20, yellow disposable2009301
Cannula, G21, green disposable2009302
Cannula, G12, black disposable2009303
Cannula, G14, blue disposable2009304
Cannula, G16, blue disposable2009305
Cannula, G18, brown disposable2009306
Cannula, G20, grey disposable2009307
Vasofix-Vein Cannula G 22, blue2009325
Vasofix-Vein Cannula G.20, pink2009326
Vasofix-Vein Cannula G 18, green2009327
Vasofix-Vein Cannula G 17, white2009328
Vasofix-Vein Cannula G 16, grey2009329
Vasofix-Vein Cannula G 14, orange2009330
Mandrine for Vasofix Cannula G 22, blue2009370
Mandrine for Vasofix Cannula G 20, pink2009371
Mandrine for Vasofix Cannula G 18, green2009372
Mandrine for Vasofix Cannula G 17, white2009373
Mandrine for Vasofix Cannula G 14, orange2009375
Vasofix® Safety 0.9 x 25 mm G22, blue2009450
Vasofix® Safety 1.1 x 33 mm G20, pink2009451
Vasofix® Safety 1.3 x45 mm G18, green2009452
Vasofix® Safety 1.5 x45 mm G17, white2009453
Vasofix® Safety 1.7 x 50mm G16, grey2009454
Vasofix® Safety 2.2 x 50 mm G14, orange2009455
Vasofix® Safety 1.3 x33 mm2009456
Butterfly Cannula G 23 - 0,6 G 23 - 0,62009361
Butterfly Cannula G 21 - 0,8 G 21 - 0,82009362
Butterfly Cannula G 19 - 1,1 G 19 - 1,12009363
Safety-Lanzette Normal 23G, yellow2009457
Safety Lancet normal 23 G, yellow2009957
Safety-Lanzette Extra G21, orange2009458
Safety Lancet extra 21 G, orange2009958
Combi Stopper for cannula - red red2009333
Lumber Puncture Needle 15G/47,6mm2009390
Lumber Puncture Needle 18G/36,5mm2009391
SPIKE dosage cannula2009400

Infusion devices / connectors

Infudrop-Air and Vasofix IV cannulas are preferred equipment among the emergency services. 

Infusion Pressure Set0107090
2-Way Infusion Connector2009319
Infusion Set Perfudrop Air2009324
Intrafix® P - IV administration Set2009500
3-Way Stopcock Infusion System red2009430
3-Way Stopcock Infusion System blue2009431

Braun-type plasters

aluderm® Braun-type plasters are packaged in individual sterile packaging. They secure and pad the puncture sites for infusion cannulas. 

Silkofix Cannula Plaster 12 x 2,5 cm1009351

Safety containers

Using Kontamed safety containers prevents contact with used bandages, used syringes and cannulas and other used medical products. 

Sharp Disposal, KONTAMED2009067
Sharp Disposal, KONTAMedium2009069
Sharp Disposal, KONTAMED Mini2009068