The range of instruments which are on offer includes instruments which are primarily significant in first aid and emergency medicine. The range includes various different models of scissors, tweezers, clamps and forceps.
Operating room instruments
Stainless matt-polished 1A steel, matt silver glass-bead blasted , no reflection, individually tested for functionality.
Anti-rust instruments
Anti-rust high-gloss stainless steel, top-grade quality and function.
Nickel-plated instruments
Simple instruments which are often sufficient to cut bandages and plasters to an appropriate size.
Disposable instruments
Instruments made of plastic, in some cases in individual sterile packaging, e.g. scalpels, tweezers and umbilical cord clamps.
Devices are available for first and immediate diagnosis which have to be available for initial diagnosis in an emergency.


Various types of scissors in all materials are available. 

Clothes Scissors 19 cm, curved2001008
First-Aid Scissors 14,5 cm knee-curved2001018
Scissors, rust free straight, 14 cm2001002
Lister Scissors knee curved, 14 cm2001025
Lister Scissors knee curved, 18 cm2001026
Bandage Scissors straight, 14 cm2001022
Cooper Scissors curved, 14 cm2001027
Fine Scissors curved, 11 cm2001031
Fine Scissors straight, 11 cm2001029
Umbilical Scissors, OP curved, 16 cm2001030
Scissors, rust free knee curved, 18 cm2001005
Scissors, rust free knee curved, 14 cm2001003
Bandage Scissors nickel plated, 10 cm2001013

Rescue cutters

Rescue cutters are a technical appliance which can be used for a variety of things in an emergency which you cannot be prepared for in everyday life. 

Rescue Scissors SÖHNGEN®2001028


You can choose from various different tweezers in all materials. 

Forceps anatomical, 14 cm2002021
Forceps surgical, 14 cm2002022
Fine Forceps curved, 11 cm2002023
Fine Forceps straight, 11 cm2002024
Fine Forceps type Feilchenfeld OP, 11 cm2002025
Forceps, rust free anatomical, 14 cm2002002
Forceps, rust free surgical, 14 cm2002003
Forceps Feilchenfeld rust free, 11 cm2002004
Forceps nickel plated 8 cm2002010
Hair Forceps, nickel plated, 8 cm2002001
Disposable forceps, sterile2002050
Tick-Forceps plastic, 9,5 cm2009009


Various operation room and rest area-quality clamps are available. 

Pean-Clamp 14 cm2003021
Kocher-Clamp 14 cm2003023
Clamp, OP straight, 13 cm2003024
Clamp, OP curved, 12 cm2003025
Pean-Clamp, rust free 14 cm2003008
Safety Clamp2004050
Disposable Umbilical Clamp sterile2003005
Umbilical Bandage packet of 2 pieces1004154


The Magill forceps on offer are available in operation room and anti-rust quality. 

Magill-Forceps, OP Baby, 16 cm2004028
Magill-Forceps, OP Child, 20 cm2004029
Magill-Forceps, OP Adult, 25 cm2004030
Magill-Forceps, rust free Baby, 16 cm2004001
Magill-Forceps, rust free Child, 20 cm2004002
Magill-Forceps, rust free Adult, 25 cm2004003

Disposable scalpel

Plastic handle with stainless steel blade, in sterile packaging.

Disposable Scalpel Figure 102007006
Disposable Scalpel Figure 112007002
Disposable Scalpel Figure 152007004

Other instruments

This includes rescue clamps, tick tweezers, ring saws and first aid scissors. 

Instrument Sheath with 4 loops2011012
Instrument Sheath with 8 loops2011003
Instrument Sheath, 12 loops2011002
Finger ring cutter Rust free2001021
Silcon Spray 200ml1012034

Blood pressure measurer

Available for all age groups. Additional cuffs available as replacements in all sizes. 

Sphygmomanometer, Adult Mode0107021
Sphygmomanometer, Adult 2-way tube0107070
Sphygmomanometer, Child Model0107022
Sphygmomanometer, Baby Model0107024
Velcro Cuff, Adult for Sphygmomanometer0107043
Velcro Cuff, Adult XL for Sphygmomanom.0107032
Velcro Cuff, Child for Sphygmomanometer0107042
Velcro Cuff, Baby for Sphygmomanometer0107041
Sphygmomanometer, Champion0107061
Sphygmomanometer, Mobile0107060


Digital fever thermometer and a professional model are available. 

Ri-Thermo Infrared Thermometer2010117
Ri-Thermo Thermometer Covers 25 pcs2010118
Fever Thermometer, Digital2010113
Digital thermometer Covers 1.000 pcs7401172
Spatula, wood 100 pcs.1010183
Spatula, plastic bag of 10 pcs.1010181


All common models including training models are available. 

Stethoscope, Bowles0107011
Stethoscope, Duplex0107013
Stethoscope, Baby0107009
Stethoscope, Rappaport0107001
Stethoscope, Training0107012

Blood sugar measuring device

Blood sugar measuring device to determine the glucose content of the blood (blood sugar). Easy to operate device with extensive accessories. 

Glucose monitor with starter set BEUER0107112
Test Strips 50 pieces for BEUER gluc. mon.0107113
Sticker for BEUER glucose monitor0107115
Lancets,100 pieces for BEUER gluc. mon.0107114

ECG accessories

ECG accessories 

ECG Electrodes, Adults 25 pcs0107050

Diagnosis accessories

Additional accessories for a confident diagnosis 

Akut-Set, Diagnostic blue, tailored filling0101500
Diagnostic Light0106035
Otoscope, Pocket Version0107006
Reflexhammer Buck0107008