Rescue sheets

Rescue sheets reflect up to 85 % of the body heat. This way hypothermia and loss of body temperature can be prevented. They can also be used to protect against heat.
Other metallised rescue sheets are available, in addition to the SIRIUS® rescue sheet, which is mandatory in workplace first aid cases according to DIN 13157 and DIN 13169, as well as for vehicle first aid cases according to DIN 13164.

SIRIUS® survival blankets - adults

SIRIUS® survival blankets protect those who have had an accident from hypothermia, wetness and wind. SÖHNGEN® was awarded a gold-level inventor's medal for developing the survival blankets. 

Rescue Sheet, SIRIUS®0701001
Rescue Sheet, Super-SIRIUS®0702005
Rescue Sheet, ORION0704001

SIRIUS® survival blankets - children

Survival blankets for children have the same features as adult survival blankets, they are just smaller - a suitable size for children. 

Rescue Sheet, SIRIUS®,children0750020
Silver swaddler, BALDUR With hood0703003
Silver swaddler, BALDUR Single 1m x 80cm0703002