Products for the prevention and immediate treatment of sport injuries:
. Prevention, after-care and relaxation
. Support bandages, bandages and tapes
Protective and relief bandages for joints that are overstrained or under heavy loads. Cold packs and cool sprays are effective aids that can be immediately activated for cold shock treatment and pain reduction in the case of bruising, sport injuries, especially spraining and straining.
Hot-cold compresses are suitable for long-term treatment with cold or warmth. These combination compresses must be pre-cooled in the freezer or preheated in hot water.
Sport fluids are liniments for the skin, muscles and joints. Warming, cooling and stimulating for sport preparations, strains and overloading.
Sport cases and sport bags with the appropriate contents can be found in the first aid section.

Cooling and heating products

Care must be taken when handling cooling and warming products. The instructions for use must be taken into consideration. 

Ice Pack small, 20 x 15 cm1012042
Ice Pack large, 27 x 15 cm1012051
SÖHNGEN® Coolspray can 100 ml1012043
SÖHNGEN® Coolspray can 300 ml1012041
Hot/Cold Thermal Pack small1012035
Hot/Cold Thermal Pack medium1012036
Hot/Cold Thermal Pack large1012040
AUTAN AKUT Pump-Gel 25 ml1212012

Sports bandages / sports tape

Sports bandages and tapes are self-adhesive supportive, protective bandages which ease the burden on the body. They are non-slip, breathable and kind to the skin. 

Sports Bandage 4,5 m x 6 cm1012047
Sports Bandage 4,5 m x 8 cm1012048
Cohesive Bandage 4 m x 6 cm1004020
Cohesive Bandage 4 m x 8 cm1004021
Sports Tape 10 m x 2 cm1009208
Sports Tape 10 m x 3,75 cm1009207
Silkofix Cannula Plaster 12 x 2,5 cm1009351
Sports Tape 10 m x 5 cm1009205
Sport Support Bandage 27,5 m x 7 cm1009206

Tubular bandages

To protect and ease the burden on joints. 

ST-Wrist-Support Bandage Size 11010029
ST-Wrist-Support Bandage Size 21010030
ST-Wrist-Support Bandage Size 31010031
ST-Wrist-Support Bandage Size 41010032
Grip tubular bandage, size D, 7,50 cm2005003
Grip tubular bandage, size E, 8,75 cm2005004
Grip tubular bandage, size F, 10 cm2005005

Thermal mats

Apollo thermal mats have a wide range of uses and protect the body from direct contact with the floor when temperatures are low. Apollo thermal mats have a high insulation value, are soft and also protect you from dirt. 

APOLLO-Thermo, Seat Cushion0706003
APOLLO-Thermo, Mat0706001
APOLLO-Thermo, Exercise Mat0706002