Sensible storage options for small parts, product sets and waste.

Pressure lock bags

To store plasters, documents etc. 

Transparent Bag 60 x 80 mm7401062
Transparent Bag 80 x 120 mm7401063
Transparent Bag 100 x 150mm0204026
Transparent Bag 120 x 170mm0204027
Transparent Bag 160 x 220 cm7401065
Transparent Bag 300 x 400mm0204030

Sliding seal bags

To store small parts, instruments, bandage material and much more, reusable. 

Zip bag, transparent 245 x 170 mm0204004
Zip bag, transparent 300 x 240 mm0204006
Zip bag, transparent 420 x 310 mm0204007


Disposal containers in the KONTAMED family are for material which has been used in first aid and should be disposed immediately so it cannot come into contact with the person giving treatment. 

Waste Disposal Bags 50 pcs. a 6L2010303
Waste Disposal Bags 50 pcs. a 30L2010305